26 Mar 2020

We are OPEN for limited hours & pick up only!

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We are OPEN for limited hours & pick up only!

After receiving many calls from customers who remain open and are asking for flowers, we have decided to re-open on a limited basis.  We are not disregarding the “safer at home” order as we see the state allows “business who provide goods and services to end users or through commercial channels” to remain open.  We understand that the business closures are to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and we agree with this.  So we will continue to practice social distancing, rigorous sanitizing of common surfaces, limiting the number of customers in the store, etc.

We are open Monday thru Friday from 7am until 10am for pick up only.  (effective Thursday, March 26th)

Only Walter (office), Anthony (supplies) and Rick (fresh flowers) will be on staff.  All other coworkers will remain safely at home.

This situation is changing by the day, so we will keep you informed about any additional changes.  Please stay safe and remember that we are all in this together!

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