The Latest on Poinsettias!

SAF has made it easier than ever to share facts and squash myths about Poinsettia’s.  (Myth buster: Poinsettias are NOT poisonous to people and animals.)  Click on the link below for the perfect, one-page PDF fact sheet that you can print and share with customers.   Click here for the Poinsettia PDF Flier!   read more →

Cool to be COOL!

Flowers ARE cool… and they last longer when they are kept cool. The ideal temperature range for fresh cut flowers is 34 – 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Why is cold chain management important? Ethylene damage is reduced at temps colder than 40F. Ethylene is definitely NOT cool. One last cool tip: use cold water when you.. read more →

Faster Death…

or longer life?!? Personally I know I’d prefer a longer life! I believe flowers feel the same way. Here’s the super cool thing: you can help them achieve a longer life with proper care & handling. I know, I know, you’re doing everything you’re suppose to do. Oh really… are you sure? This is such.. read more →