19 Aug 2021

Rojahn & Malaney is leaving the floral industry

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Rojahn & Malaney is leaving the floral industry.

After 3 generations and 92 years in business, Rojahn & Malaney is exiting the floral industry.  As you may know, our property has been listed for sale since 2019.  We currently have a contract with a developer and feel it is likely the sale will close.  Market and logistic changes have made it challenging to operate in the floral industry.  After much thoughtful consideration, the Rojahn family has decided to close the business and pursue new directions.

Moving forward, we have teamed with Karthauser & Sons to give you a strong fresh flower and hard good option and hope you will take your business to them.  Their ethics and values closely align with ours.  To aid a smooth transition, Karthauser has agreed to interview our staff and consider them for permanent employment.  We hope to ensure your success by providing a contact who is familiar with you and your floral needs.

You can contact Karthauser & Sons at (262) 255-7815. Their website is https://karthauser.net

Our business operations will continue through Friday, October 1, 2021.

We are grateful to our amazing staff, wonderful customers and supportive vendors.  Thank You for being part of our floral family,

The Rojahns

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