01 May 2013

Raise Your Prices for Mother’s Day!

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Yes, that’s what floral expert Tim Huckabee, of FloralStrategies.com, insists all florists do.  “Customers will spend more and you will earn more.”   l love this guy and you will too if you listen to him and ACT on his good council.  Tim Huckabee merits a sales pitch.  All of us need this kind of direction and training.  Here’s just a taste of Tim.  Follow this lead, and your profits will increase:

I just made several test calls trying to place an early Mother’s Day order to the BIG shops in Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and shops in smaller cities and towns across North America. It was so sad what I heard EVERY time…  I said, “I want to send something special to my Mom and the kids’ grandma since we can’t see her this year” Like clockwork, every shop hit me with, “Our arrangements start at $XX…”Ughhh! I never asked, “What’s the LEAST amount of money I could possibly spend at your store?” That’s just bad, bad, bad customer service!

Florists, wake up! The same customers who spend $100 on their kids’ sneakers, $$$ on fancy cell phones and $5 every day at Starbucks will spend more on flowers IF YOU LET THEM!


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Tina is the co-owner of Rojahn & Malaney Company, a family-run wholesale floral business in Milwaukee, WI. Tina served on the Wholesalers Council and Board of Directors of the national floral association, the Society of American Florists (SAF). Tina is a "Badger" and graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a degree in Business.