31 Jul 2013

MAKE MONEY! Make a Glitter Box & Bottle Topper with us!!!

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Wanna make unique gift items that sell?  Want someone to give you the ideas and recipes?  Join us here on Wednesday, August 21, to make a unique, holiday GLITTER BOX (complete with lights) and a BOTTLE TOPPER!  For only $40, you’ll receive all the materials, design instruction & assistance, exclusive discounts and some light refreshments to boot!

Our talented instructor, Kelly Harnisch, AIFD, is sharing her experience and secrets for making profitable Glitter Boxes and Bottle Toppers (the perfect way to top off a wine bottle.)  The average selling price for the 6x6x4″ glitter box is $50 with the bottle toppers ranging from $11-25.  Let’s do the math: if you invest $40 for the workshop and sell what you make ($60-75), you’ll make money!  (Let alone how much MORE you can make when you start producing and selling these like Kelly; she has sold hundreds.)  Call Elizabeth at 414-276-7316 or 800-657-0753 to sign up now.  Two workshops available:  1-3 pm and 5-7 pm; Limited attendance.

Click here for more information and photos!

The photo below is an example only; colors, materials and design styles will vary.


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