11 Sep 2017

Hurricane Irma Update (9-11-17)

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With Hurricane Irma making it’s way out of Florida and into Georgia as a tropical storm, we are slowly receiving information about current conditions in Florida.

The Miami International Airport is closed due to excessive storm damage and no word has been released about reopening.  All product in South America will remain in coolers until the airport reopens.

Our trucking company (Florida Beauty) is still closed.  Their coolers are running on generators so our product is still under refrigeration.  We have not received any word about their facility flooding.  It is our hope that as soon as it is safe for their warehouse staff and drivers to return to work, our shipment will start moving.  Once they do, we are still a 2 and a half day trip.  And since all the trucks leaving Florida have to travel through Georgia (where the storm is still moving) it’s too early to predict an arrival day or time.

Our Miami flower importers and their sales offices are all closed today.

All of our product out of California and Holland is moving as usual.

As for farm direct orders for next week (week 37), California will be unaffected but product out of South America and Florida will most likely be delayed.  I would plan on a Thursday arrival (September 21st).

As more information is released, we will pass it on.  We know that everyone is anxious to receive their South American product and as soon as it is available and safe to move, we will do all we can to get those flowers to you.

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