13 Sep 2017

Hurricane Irma Update #3 (9-13-17)

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Hurricane Irma Update #4 (9-13-17)

Operations in Florida are resuming in various stages.  Most of our flower importers are open today but not at full capacity.  In addition to manpower, the two big things needed are electricity and internet access and all are slowly returning.  They are trying to sort out what is left in their coolers from before the hurricane and preparing to receive air shipments later today and tomorrow.

The airport has partially reopened but capacity is limited.  We are hoping to have a decent amount of product landing which will reach us early in the week and mid-week (next week).  We are taking what we can get which isn’t necessarily what we want, however we are trying to be flexible.

Our trucking company out of Florida (Florida Beauty) has resumed operations.  The first truck to leave Miami since the hurricane departed Tuesday (yesterday) and is en route to us.  We know everyone is anxiously awaiting product for weekend weddings and events.  The initial ETA for this truck is early Friday morning.  If all goes as planned, we will have these flowers available for delivery or pick up on Friday.  We will keep you posted with any changes on this truck’s ETA.  A lot of the flowers we were expecting are on this truck but some are stuck in importer’s coolers and will depart Miami tomorrow.

It is still unclear how the greens growers in central Florida are doing.  I am unable to reach many of them by phone or internet.  I would assume that our supply of greens will be limited moving forward and more unusual items may not be available for some time.

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