12 Sep 2017

Hurricane Irma Update #3 (9-12-17)

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In the wake of Hurricane Irma, we are beginning to receive more information.  This is of Tuesday morning but may change as the day progresses.  The situation is very fluid and dynamic at this point.

The Miami International Airport is reopening in stages today.  I believe their limited services today will focus on passengers and emergency aid supplies.  They hope to begin receiving freight on Wednesday.

Florida Beauty (our flower trucking company in Miami) is open today.  They will load any product in their cooler from Thursday through today and get that truck out as soon as it is possible.  Many of their drivers and warehouse staff are without power and cell service, so they are unsure how many will return to work today.  They understand that all of their customers need their flowers ASAP and are doing all they can to accommodate.  Once that truck is on the road, we will have an ETA and pass that on to you.

I have only been able to reach one greens grower in Pierson Florida.  He said that there is no power in the area, they have a lot of downed trees and lost Seran (shade cloth to protect the greens from direct sunlight).  The roads are littered with live power lines and trees.  All the trucking company terminals in the area (Pierson) are closed.  There is talk they may reopen on Wednesday or Thursday, but with no power, they can’t run the office to take orders, generate invoices, move inventory, etc.

Some of our flower importers in Miami are open on a limited basis today with limited staff.  The only product that have to sell is the product that was in their coolers before the hurricane hit and the airport closed.  They are hoping to have more product arriving by the end of the week.

For week 37 farm direct orders, California product should be unaffected.  There is a chance that some of the greens from Florida and the flowers from South America may arrive Monday (9-18) but I think it is more realistic to expect them by Thursday.

We understand that this is a very trying time for everyone.  Our Country has not seen a disaster of this magnitude for some time but I am confident that everyone in our industry can pull together, help each other and get back to providing everyone with beautiful fresh flowers and greens.

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