05 Sep 2013

Glitter Box SUCCESS!

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Kelly Harnisch, AIFD, shares her secrets for success in the August 2013 Glitter Box & Bottle Topper Workshop!

Kelly Harnisch fired up the R&M workshop attendees when they created holiday Glitter Boxes and Bottle Toppers this past month!  They left R&M brimming with fresh ideas, sharpened skills and loads of inspiration.

Guests were given all the supplies they needed and Kelly shared her “recipes,” tips and tricks.  Many commented that the projects were trickier than they expected, but Kim from Bloomin’ Olive said “Kelly did a great job explaining things.”  The attendees also loved that both the boxes and bottle toppers are great items that allow you to use up inventory and scraps you already have on hand.

Although it’s hard to see in the photos, the Glitter Boxes GLOW.  The lights inside the boxes are a BIG part of the allure- they really get the item noticed, create a festive mood and amp-up the “WOW” factor.

Kelly also shared valuable marketing ideas to boost sales and encourage repeat business.   Perfect for small spaces, the boxes are ideal for restaurants, retirement homes, condos and dorms.  They are wonderful for hostess gifts and impulse purchases; customers can’t resist them and they have mass appeal.  Kelly uses the boxes for donations and has found that sales always follow!  She told attendees to look beyond the traditional holidays and make boxes themed for Halloween, autumn, anniversaries, birthdays and more.  Kelly biggest challenge is keeping up with demand, so she encouraged everyone to start early, be organized and create at least 6 at a time to maximize your efficiency.  Prep all of your components (measure and cut ribbons, mesh, tinsel roping, light strands, etc.) and use the assembly line process.

So what about those bottle toppers?  Well, they dress up any bottle and take it to a whole new level!  Once your customers see these babies, you better be ready to make more.  Using tinsel roping as your mechanic (to create the loop that goes around the neck of a bottle) you can work in any ribbons, silk flowers, picks and table scrapes to create this unique money-maker.

Mary of Fox Brothers Piggly Wiggly said, “It’s never too early to get started creating beautiful gifts for the holiday season!”   If you’d like to learn how to make these and other designs, come on in to see samples and be inspired.  We have all the components you need and we are delighted to help.  Our showroom is currently dressed for the holidays and loaded with new products and ideas as well!

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