Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma Update  We were notified this morning by Florida Beauty (our fresh flower trucking company in Miami) that their operations in Miami are closed until Hurricane Irma diverts or passes.  They are unable to get drivers in to work, since they want to stay with their families to keep them safe.  What does this.. read more →

07 Sep 2017
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Our next in-house design program!

Rojahn & Malaney Company presents Pam Borgardt: Basic to Bombshell – turn basics into looks no one can refuse! Tuesday, September 12th @ 7:00-8:00am or 12:00-1:00pm Learn tips and tricks with fresh and faux to incorporate new and exciting products with basics to create unforgettable looks. Reserve your preferred class time with Elizabeth at (414).. read more →

Three great new garden roses from Eufloria Flowers!

New Eufloria Garden Roses Check out three of new garden roses from Eufloria Flowers.  See all their new varieties at their redesigned web site at read more →

03 Aug 2017
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Chameleon Metallic Flowers & Greens

This is a product that must be seen to be believed!  Chameleon product is sprayed with metallic color paint which give it an iridescent, 3-D look.  Just think of this at your next event, combined with LED lighting.  While it may not be for everyone, I imagine that Gen-Xers and Millennials will flip for chameleon.. read more →

The Latest on Poinsettias!

SAF has made it easier than ever to share facts and squash myths about Poinsettia’s.  (Myth buster: Poinsettias are NOT poisonous to people and animals.)  Click on the link below for the perfect, one-page PDF fact sheet that you can print and share with customers.   Click here for the Poinsettia PDF Flier!   read more →

Kitty Concerns…with Lilies!

Did you know that several varieties of lilies can cause renal (kidney) failure or even death in cats if eaten? A study from Utah State University revealed a toxic connection between cats and the following lilies: the Easter lily, tiger lily, Rubrum lily, Japanese show lily and daylilies. When you get an order for any of these.. read more →

Hydrangea Help

We are all crazy about hydrangeas.  However, keeping hydrangeas looking gorgeous can sometimes drive us crazy.  Fear not!  The following guidelines are taken from a Care & Handling article in SAF’s Floral Management Magazine, from August 2014.  It is written by Gay Smith, the technical consulting manager for Chrysal USA. Big picture: hydrangeas are big.. read more →

Your Toolbox for Color: DESIGN MASTER

Ahhh, there is a wonderful toolbox of color at your fingertips and it’s provided by the great folks at DESIGN MASTER!  While color-in-a-can is an amazing thing, knowing how to use that spray can to it’s fullest capacity is even better!  Check out this video for valuable tips on spraying flowers.  If you care to.. read more →

Glitter Box SUCCESS!

Kelly Harnisch fired up the R&M workshop attendees when they created holiday Glitter Boxes and Bottle Toppers this past month!  They left R&M brimming with fresh ideas, sharpened skills and loads of inspiration. Guests were given all the supplies they needed and Kelly shared her “recipes,” tips and tricks.  Many commented that the projects were.. read more →


It’s August and in addition to being the peak of summer, it’s also the start of PACKER FOOTBALL!  (The first preseason game is TONIGHT against the Cardinals!) Show your support with Green Bay Packer logo metal buckets, chili bowls and ribbon.  These items are perfect for in-store displays, game day centerpieces, tailgate parties, personalized gift.. read more →