25 Aug 2021

Additional information about our closing.

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We want to provide more information on our closing and the retirement of our business. Three large factors played into our decision.

First and foremost is the pending sale of our property. We are under contract with a developer who plans to erect a 15 story apartment complex on our property.

The second is rapidly rising costs.  The high cost of real estate (for a relocation), exploding prices for hard goods and fresh flowers and rising labor costs have had a large effect on our operations.  While R&M has been a very successful company, we see the road ahead as extremely challenging.

And finally, there has been a significant change in transportation policies for our fresh flower haulers. They are unable to find driving teams who are willing to assist with unloading our flower boxes.  Beginning on September 1st, we will be required to meet and unload all the flower trucks 24/7. Their drivers will no longer unload or assist in the unloading process.  Rain or shine, hot or cold, day or night, we will have to be here.  We see more changes coming as the transportation industry continues to have more orders/freight than they do trucks or drivers.

We had 2 large concerns with our closing and they were our customers and our staff.  That is why we partnered with Karthauser and Sons (a floral wholesaler in Germantown) to provide a supplier who is also local, family owned and can provide a similar shopping experience to what we offer. We encourage all our customers to contact Karthauser to begin or continue your relationship. Karthauser has also agreed to interview our staff and consider them for permanent positions with them. We want to make sure our staff has a home in the local flower market if they desire.  Karthauser contact information is listed below:

Karthauser & Sons, Inc.
W147 N11100 Fond du Lac Avenue
Germantown, WI 53022

(262) 255-7815 or (800) 338-8620

Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM – Closed Saturday & Sunday

Our final day of operation will be Friday, October 1st.  Our last week to fill custom flower orders is the week beginning Monday, September 20th.  We will use the week of September 27th to sell the remaining product in our cooler.  Our supply department is already discounting our inventory.  Please call your salesperson for more details.

We want to thank everyone for their support over the past three generations and last 92 years of business. It was a difficult decision for all of us as we love the floral industry. We wish everyone continued success and hope our paths cross again in the future!

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